The best day ever + two straight A's

Hi guys

Thankyou so much for all the comments on the last post, you are adorable! I am trying to write a few posts now and then in English, hope you are OK with that (I know some of you might laugh at all of my mistakes, but I came here to improve.. :-) It's also maybe a little cool for you to kinda see how things really happen in my mind here, because it's certainly not in Norwegian..!
I also noticed that you want me to update more often, and believe it or not, I am taking every wish you come with seriously, and try to make it happen. The video of my neighbourhood would I never come up with myself, so all 100 of you who have watched it (and hopefully not feel like you have wasted your time, and enjoyed it) have this one person who came up with the idea, to thank! I am also gonna take my camera to the football game on friday and take loads of pictures ( I didn't attend the last one), this is the first league game and it's a home game! People are soo pumped up and I think it will be insane!! We also won the two last games, but this is when it really begins! After the game, it's the first school dance of the year, I'm not sure how it's gonna go down and who's showing up, but I'm planning to go! For the rest of the weekend my host family are thinking about going camping!!:-)
And wow.. My hostparents just came in to talk to me about if I wanted to take one day off of school, 22nd of October and take a long weekend in California.... Sounds pretty ok, don't you think??

Tried to be a good blogger this morning, and take an outfit shot.. Truth is, my outfits here SUCKS so yeah..sorry.

Well, today was maybe the best day so far!!8AM I met up with my counsellor because of my math issue.. To change my math class we had to change my schedule a little bit arround, and I'll tell you it's quite a puzzle!! To get Algebra I had to take Webdesign, just like I wanted! But with the changes, I had one class open, and guess what? It was just one class left I could choose; weight lifting...Lol!!!I asked to see the class list and it was really just boys, and yeah, they take the class to build muscles for football. But I went for it!! So I showed up in class later that day and man it's gonna be tough. But what suprised me is that we are not being graded for how much we lift, not even thecniques, what counts is the theory in the end of the year, and then some techniques. He also told me that a guy in this class will build muscles, but a girl will just get tighter, and who wanna say no to that? It was alot running in the beggining of the class, in stairs too (which is gonna be kind of awkward being the only girl.. if you had seen the exercises you would understand haha..) but mainly you are just listening to loud music (the coach actually have pretty good taste) at the gym, and work out on each ..thing, and as I said, you don't have to push youself so far because you're not being graded on it:-) At the end of the class though, it's alot sit ups and push ups and you have to work your but off, but I kinda need that so it's just gooood. And the class is every other day so I would be super fit after this class haha..

And my new math class is so amazing!! It's alot more homework then in algebra 1 but I love the people in this class. The guys on my table are so funny and helpful and curious, which is always nice when you're an exchange student! When I raised my hand to get help from the teacher, the qute Disney looking guy next to me offered to help and I was like, no it's fine, understand that you wanna get your homework done!!:-) And he was like "no! let me look at it:-)" etc.. Americans..

Also in all my other classes, people were being even nicer then before, Hayley and I finished a marking assignment, and in history I worked so hard together with this other girl and we finished a huuge task I never thought I could do on an hour!! I also got my two first tests back in You and the Law and History and I got straight A's on both of them!! Soo proud!:-)

I btw still feel kind of awkward in the cafeteria, because you really don't wanna be going alone looking for a table, like you have no friends! But thing is, it is reeally huge so it's hard to find the persons you know without looking awkward, but I have been really lucky and had lunch with the guys every day:-).. So it's no lunch at the toilet yet... (I btw checked it out and they have no toilet seats so I kinda don't have a choice, lol).

And guys, I really wish I could tell you everything that is going on, it has been a few really personal amazing things that has happened today but it is a blog(..) and I'm not sure if my American friends are reading it and everything so I'll might tell you more about it later.

Talk to you soooon, xxx

Postat av: Annette Wessel Nybrott

h, hres bra ut der da :-) Lykke til i gymmen ;-)

14.09.2011 @ 06:59
Postat av: Camilla S

I'm so amazingly jealous. Your like living My dream:)

How much didyou pay for this trip?

14.09.2011 @ 07:22
Postat av: Johanne Grov

Skriv det! Liker ikke nr utvekslingselever ikke skriver det som faktisk skjer slik at vi som skal dra ikke kan forberede oss p det som kommer. :)

14.09.2011 @ 09:15
Postat av: Mamma

Min flinke "lille" jente :) Solt av deg!

Av alle ting, vektlfting, hi,hi hres gy ut:D

Ingen skal si at du ikke gr p med friskt mot, kanskje du kommer hjem med kjempe muskler, s kan du hjelpe mamsen med alle tunge lft... :=D

Lykke til med fotballkamp og alt annet som skjer resten av uka, ikke minst camping-tur.

Love <3

14.09.2011 @ 10:36
Postat av: ingrid

Hey s flink du er caroline<3 Leser bloggen din hver dag og synes du har det s fantastisk. Den ene klassen du kom i m jo vre kjempe gy nr alle de andre er gutter, da kan du fle deg kjempe spreeek!! miss u<3

14.09.2011 @ 14:41
Postat av: Charly

Hei, jeg har vrt innom bloggen din hver eneste dag siden et par uker fr du reise. Men n har jeg ikke en gang giddet lest de innlegga som er p engelsk. Jeg synes det s utrolig mye bedre nr du blogger p norsk. Jeg vet at det ikke spiller noen rolle for deg, og n leser slutter lese bloggen din eller ikke. Men snn som det er n s tror jeg at jeg ikke kommer til lese bloggen mere (med mindre du begynner blogge p norsk igjen). Er ikke gy lese innleggene nr man ikke skjpper 50% av det som str en gang.

14.09.2011 @ 15:13
Postat av: ♥ Caroline Utveksklingsstudent 2011/12

Charly: Det betyr faktisk mye for meg hva n syns om bloggen min, spesielt nr det er en som har fulgt meg s lenge! Jeg skjnner godt at det er slitsomt nr jeg skriver p engelsk, men jeg har egentlig ikke lov av omrderepresentanten engang ha en blogg p norsk..:-) Men det er noen som syns det er veldig bra og jeg er her som sakt for utvikle meg, lei meg for at du fler det snn.

Og jeg er klar over at bloggen min ikke er som i Norge, men alt er annerledes her, med tid og alt s ja, beklager

14.09.2011 @ 15:34
Postat av: ♥ Caroline Utveksklingsstudent 2011/12

Johanne Grov: "slik at dere ikke kan forberede dere p det?" haha, tror ikke akkurat dere trenger forberede p det som hendte. Om du vinkler det snn s br du heller vre takknemlig for at jeg ikke skriver alt, s dere ikke fr for hye forventninger og blir skuffet..:-) Just sayin

14.09.2011 @ 15:37
Postat av: ♥ Caroline Utveksklingsstudent 2011/12

Camilla S: the program costed 56 000 (NOK) but with insurance, visa and everythung, about 70 000

14.09.2011 @ 15:37
Postat av: Louise Rosenblad

synes det er kjempebra at du skriver engelsk, elsker deet :D

Hehe, og gratulerer med A'ene ! :)

14.09.2011 @ 16:30
Postat av: Hanna

S utrolig flink du er, Caroline <3 Straight A's er ikke verst!! Du m si ifra hvis du trenger hjelp til noe, skolerelatert eller ikke:) Og camping virker spennende, haha!

14.09.2011 @ 16:49
Postat av: Marieee :DD

wii! Gratulerer masse med karrakterene! :D oog s Californiaa!! :O s gy!! :D

14.09.2011 @ 18:30
Postat av: Karmen

Min personlige mening er at jeg synes det er morsommere lese p engelsk! For det frste s lrer jeg litt mer engelsk og for det andre er det kult lese p engelsk :-D

St p og lykke til! Jeg gleder meg allerede til neste innlegg !

14.09.2011 @ 19:14
Postat av: Johanne Grov

Er nok litt umulig at jeg ikke kommer til bli skuffet. Gleder meg s mye at jeg vet at det jeg ser for i hodet mitt ikke stemmer med det som kommer til skje. S uansett hva du skriver s kommer jeg til bli skuffet for et eller annet nr jeg drar til USA til neste r. HAr jo trossalt stoket meg opp p dette i to r n..

14.09.2011 @ 21:28
Postat av: Stella

jeg har og weight training, men det er en ren jenteklasse :)

15.09.2011 @ 02:24
Postat av: Norwegian Seorita

So..I am going to answer you in English, just because :)

I think it's great if you write in English! It will help your english tremendously, and it will also be fun for your new friends over there to be able to read it don't you think?

15.09.2011 @ 18:28

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