That night

That night, when we spoke our feelings through motions, the music banging so loud, and we kept our words in silence. And yet, I have never heard you speak more clear. That night I have never been surrounded by more people, but still, never felt more seen, noticed, ever. I guess it is not the number of people watching, how big your crowd is that matters, some time one individual can make you feel like the entire world is watching. For the first time, I understood the concept of one man being one girl's, entire world.

The music paused for a second and we stopped. I turned to find my way out of the crowd, what we had was just when the music was playing, when we were in a different world, a different life. But by suprise, you turned me arround, stroke your comforting hand I had been longing for for so long, through my hair, and continued from the top of my blushing, warm chin, down to my half way up, confused smile. For one second you looked at me, with those dazzling blue eyes, and I could tell, you weren't just looking at me, you were seeing me. And that night I realized what we had was not in a different world, nor a different life, it was us, our soundtrack.

A new song was played, and so gently you pulled me close, so close I was afraid you could hear my thoughts, or hear my beating heart, afraid of what you would think if you knew. That night I have never been surrounded by more noise, but still, I have never heard my heart beat more clear. The loudest beat of all of the ones played that night. I leaned my head against your chest, for the very first time, someones heart race matched mine. Our hearts pounded, so quick, so deeply and passionate. We moved our feet and we danced, and I swear, for one song, we were infinite.

Postat av: Mathias Folke Nordby

ha en strlende dag :)

06.11.2011 @ 07:31
Postat av: kreativskriving

Fin blogg!

Skjnt med en kommentar tilbake.

06.11.2011 @ 07:39
Postat av: Stine Lau Hansen

utroolig fin tekst!!

06.11.2011 @ 10:17
Postat av: Kristine

Du er veldig flink til skrive!

06.11.2011 @ 13:03
Postat av: Thea

s fin tekst! hvor er den fra? :)

06.11.2011 @ 14:19
Postat av:

Kan du skrive litt om halloween i usaa???

06.11.2011 @ 19:58

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