Tonight we made history, and every single one of you, were and will always be, a part of it.

Yesterday was one of those "is-this-really-happening?"-days. We wore our powder puff seniors t-shirts to school with pride, and got a whole bunch of "good-luck"s and poster/t-shirt number requests. I was shaking the entire day, really excited but extremely nervous. After school Josefin and I went to her place to get ready, we had so much fun and had our own little party in the car on our way to the stadium. Omg, just saying "the stadium" makes me shake of excitement.

We all met up in black, got black war paint on our faces and warmed up and practiced a few plays before we met in the locker room. We all had our each seat, and it was all so out of this world. The coaches had this pep talk about dong this as a team, about support eachother and our tactices, which was so amazing.

Then, the two captains followed by us 6 linemens or what they called it, had to lead the jog out of the locker room, under the stadium and arround and across the field before we lined up in our six lines and did our jumping jags to the crowd.

The game was so hard, exciting and so much fun!! I loved every single minute of it, wish it could have lasted longer. I played the entire game while the offence was on the field, and one of the girls who is concidered one of the fastest said something to me that I'll probaply never forget, she said "My dream is to play like you, you are so good!".. AW!!

We won 42-6, and made history!! No team has ever won two years on a row and guess what!? We BEAT the touch down record!!! It was such an amazing night, I will never forget that feeling I had out on the field or when the clock stopped and we all ran out, screaming and hugging eachother. And then, the crowd came running up to US, it was so cool being the team getting the compliments and cheering. When we all were gathered out on the field after the clock had stoped our couches had a few words (which sounded that were taken right out of friday night lights) and it was just the best!!

After the game we were 20 girls going out to eat dinner and drink milkshake and celebrate, sooo American and fun!! I was hime by 23:30 (SO HARDCORE!!!) hahha... Well it don't seem that late for you guys I guess, I'm just used to being home at like 9PM school nights, so I was really tired when I got back home. Happy-tired thoug, best feeling.. <3

So, every upcoming exchange student: DO POWDER PUFF!!!!

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